Shan Zha or Hawthorne berry extract tincture for cholesterol control and heart health.

                            Shan Zha

The Second Best Remedy for Cholesterol and Heart Health

Now why am I touting the following herb as the 'second best' remedy? Because the best and only #1 remedy for heart health and high cholesterol is eating properly, and to stop eating things that will worsen the condition. All the best medicines in the world will not help you if you do not "stop the bleeding" from eating poorly. Believing that medicines will be a magic bullet while not eating completely properly is the equivalent of trying to fill a container with water with an even larger open drain on the bottom. And I don't mean minor modifications. You need to go all in with this- as if your life depended on it....because it actually does.

The best thing in my opinion that is out there to supplement healthy eating is the Chinese herb Shan Zha (hawthorne berry). As a chinese medicine practitioner, I have personally this herb work successfully, including my own father (except when he slacked off and wasn't eating healthy enough). Under my license, I am not at liberty to say whether or not you should continue to take statins. But I will say this: Shan Zha will not cause leg cramping or other side effects like statins would. After all, shan zha is only a friggin' berry. And for your convenience, I have Shan Zha berry extract available for you here to order ! And if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will even send you suggested dosage information without charging for a consult.